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Welcome to Zingy – the innovative platform transforming full-stack application development using a range of methods: No-Code, Low-Code, Pro-Code, and AI.

Whether you're a small business owner, an accounting professional, a project manager, a business analyst, or a software engineer, Zingy is designed to turn your ideas into reality, regardless of your coding expertise.

The Software Shift: Age of Cloud and SaaS

Software development has undergone significant evolution. It has transitioned from traditional computer-installed programs to mobile apps, and now, with the emergence of Software as a Service (SaaS), these applications operate in the cloud. This means they can be run without needing installation on any device.

Despite the evolution in software development, one constant remains: the necessity of coding skills to create software applications. For those without this expertise, the alternative is often purchasing and using off-the-shelf software solutions. However, these may not precisely meet specific needs, and requires individuals or businesses to change adapt their workflow to fit the software's capabilities.

Software shift from computer-installed to cloud based SaaS
Software Shift from computer-installed to cloud based SaaS

OK, but why should I develop custom apps?

In the modern era where data reigns supreme, displaying the most pertinent information on-screen is crucial for efficiency. Moreover, automating routine tasks not only reduces errors but also saves time, fostering higher-level creative thinking across professions. Software applications can be instrumental in achieving this, but only if they are tailor-made for such activities.

Recently, some companies have attempted to make software creation more accessible through No-Code platforms. However, these solutions tend to be basic and offer limited customization, primarily restricted to process-oriented flows. This often results in a rigid experience where tasks can be performed easily only if they fit within the platform's constraints, mirroring the limitations found in off-the-shelf software solutions.

Zingy's no-code custom app built for your own requirement
Zingy No-Code custom app built for your own requirement

How does Zingy help?

The Method
Drawing on our experience with subject matter and domain experts from diverse professions, we've found that most individuals possess the ability to design visually, sequence tasks, and organize information in spreadsheets. Zingy is built to harness these skills: it offers visual design for app interfaces, block-based visual expression for logic, and database storage for information. This approach aligns naturally with the innate abilities of a wide range of professions.
Without needing to write any code, our cloud based development environment allows designing pages/forms.
It features visual tools like Page Flow for programming user interactions and Cloud Flow for managing server-side programming.
Both Page Flow and Cloud Flow offer a range of pre-designed blocks that you can easily drag and drop. Each block represents a specific programming function or logic, allowing you to create complex programs by combining these blocks.

Additionally, our AI Wiz feature lets you generate user interfaces simply by describing what you need.

For more complex needs, you have the option to enhance your pages and forms with HTML, JavaScript, CSS code, or integrate various open-source JavaScript libraries. Additionally, you can seek temporary assistance from individuals with coding expertise, utilize resources from popular coding sites, or leverage tools like ChatGPT for guidance.

This range of options ensures that our platform's capabilities are not a limitation in addressing your challenges.
One of the key advantages of Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud technology is the ease of connecting applications through APIs and Webhooks for information exchange. This enables apps to conveniently utilize services offered by others.

Notable examples are payment service Stripe and SMS messaging service Twilio.  Your Zingy app can easily avail these facilities and still focus on the its core function.

Zingy provides No-Code features to exchange information with other apps, with coding options available for more complex needs.

More Information

The Zingy documentation portal,, provides in-depth reference, tutorials and videos about app development in Zingy.

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