AI enabled Drag-and-drop Page and Form builder

In Zingy, Pages are the central component of your app's user interface, displaying information in tables, grids, and more. These are complemented by action triggers like buttons that guide users through your app's various steps.

A Form represents a unique type of Page specifically designed to engage users in data input and facilitate the editing of existing data. Its primary objective is to establish a seamless interaction between the user and the application, enabling efficient data manipulation and updates.

The Zingy Page Editor is an innovative AI enabled drag and drop UI builder designed to streamline the creation of your app’s pages and forms. This powerful tool empowers both novice and professional designers to craft stunning, responsive user-interfaces with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Adding Content

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Easily Drag-and-drop elements to add content

Adding content to your pages and forms is a breeze with Zingy. Whether it’s text, images, information cards or other widgets, the editor allows you to seamlessly integrate various content types onto your pages. Simply drag and drop elements where you need them – no coding required.
For those with advanced skills, there's also the option to import HTML code into pages and forms.

Rich Element Library

Sample elements in Zingy Page Element Library
Sample elements shown from Zingy's page element library

The editor comes packed with a wide array of built-in elements. From basic components like text blocks and images to more complex elements like layouts, menus, and widgets, Zingy has everything you need to build interactive apps.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design Settings
Example of Responsive Design Settings

Responsive design in Zingy ensures your app adjusts and reacts seamlessly to various devices and screen sizes. This approach aims to deliver a superior user experience on any device, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, maintaining optimal usability across all platforms.

The Zingy Page Editor grants complete control over your design, from tailored responsive options for each element to precise CSS styling for different screen sizes.

Plus, with the preview feature, you can effortlessly switch between desktop, tablet, and mobile views to precisely visualize how your app displays information on various devices.

Form Design

Youtube Video
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Demonstration video about Forms in Zingy

The Page Editor is also used for designing your app's forms. The forms can either be database attached or custom, both of which are described below.

Database Attached Forms

Database attached forms provide a No-Code method for gathering user input and directly sending the information to an associated database table. The page editor auto-generates input elements for every field in the database table, adding them to the page element library for easy access.
Database Table selection for Forms
Database Table selection for Forms

Simply drag and drop these elements into your form layout. Zingy handles the rest, from input validation to data submission to the database, all automated.

Of course, you can enhance this process with custom logic using Zingy's Page Flow feature. For more advanced implementations, there's also the option to import or add JavaScript code for greater functionality and customization.

Custom Forms

The forms designed in Zingy, can also be used to send user inputted data to any destination like your own app's Web Hooks, external APIs, etc.
Custom schema definition for forms without database attachment
Custom (No Table) form with schema definition

Since no database table is attached, you simply define fields based on your custom requirement (the schema). Following this, the process mirrors that of a database-attached form: the page editor generates the input elements and makes them available in the element library for drag-and-drop.

AI Wiz: The Generative AI based UI design assistant

Zingy AI Wiz: Generative AI based UI creator
Zingy AI Wiz: Generative AI based UI creator

If you need inspiration for your page's design, layout, or content, AI Wiz is the perfect assistant!
Using Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), AI Wiz creates content from simple English instructions.
This technology leverages large language models (LLMs) and generative pre-trained transformers (GPT), producing high-quality content that serves as an excellent starting point or reference for your app's page design.

More Information

The Zingy documentation portal,, provides in-depth reference, tutorials and videos about app development in Zingy.

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